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Last week at WWDC Apple introduced their two newest operating systems that will soon be available to the public this fall. There were no new hardware announcements and unlike past WWDC events it focused more on developers than consumers.

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Here are some of the features that I think will benefit homeschoolers the most.

iOS 8

– iPad 2 support: if you’ve still got an old iPad knocking around or recently purchased an iPad 2 because of the cost savings Apple’s latest mobile OS will still run on your device.
– 3rd-party touch keyboards: many people have become accustomed to the touch keyboard for iOS but if you’ve never gotten the hang of it maybe a new one will work for you.
– Extensibility: apps will now be able to interact with one another. This is great for educational apps because accounts, statistics, and information can be share from one app to another.
– iCloud Drive: this is a feature that Android and Microsoft users have had for some time now. You’ll be able to access documents from anywhere with any device.
– Family Sharing: share a single account on multiple devices and approve that apps your kids install. This is the most important new feature in iOS 8 for homeschoolers.


– Handoff: start an email while you’re standing in line at the grocery store and finish it at home on your Mac.
– iCloud drive: integration with all of you devices makes it easier to keep track of your virtual stuff.
– Smart Spotlight search: auto-complete and Internet searches (via Bing) from spotlight mean fewer clicks to find what you’re looking for.

What features stuck out to you? Do you plan to upgrade your Mac, iPhone, or iPad when the new OS arrives?

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