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Technology is great! I love it! But sometimes I feel like it builds a wall between my family and me. Give yourself and your family the gift of boredom. Instead of staring at your smartphone or tablet the next time you’re waiting for something why not put it away and just be bored?

Renee Robinson—A Letter To My Boys (The Real Reason I Say No To Electronics)

I highly recommend that you read the letter Renee Robinson wrote to her boys about why she says “no” when they ask to use electronics. Renee bears her soul when she writes:

When we are together, I want all of you. The fullness of you. I want to experience you. Truly experience you. And I can’t do that with you when there is an electronic device between us. You see it acts as a barrier. I want to see what brings life to those eyes. I want to watch the wonder and magic dance across your face as you discover the wonders of this world. I want to watch you as you figure things out. I want to watch you process life, develop your thoughts. I want to know you. I want to know your passions. I want to watch you as you discover your God-given talents and gifts. And when you hide behind a screen, I miss out on all of that. And my time with you….well it will be over in the blink of an eye.

Wow! How much of this do we give up when we’re too focused on a gadget instead of our kids? Personally, I struggle with this myself. Just last night I kept wanting to grab my smartphone after I got home to check social media. Clearly, I need to reestablish boundaries in my life.

This is something I’m constantly tweaking. How much time do I spend entertaining myself in front of a screen instead of spending that time with my kids even if it means I’m bored?

Self-assessment time: do you spend too much time engaged with electronics instead of your family? What boundaries have you established in your home regarding electronic devices and media? Share your thoughts below.

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