Social Media and Bullying [Infographic]

Cyberbullying InfographicIf your kids are using social media, they’ve probably been harassed by someone in the past 12 months. Yes, even our “sheltered” and homeschooled kids can get bullied. It’s alarming, really, and as parents we need to be vigilant and prepare our kids for a world where people hide behind a keyboard instead having face-to-face conversations.

Robbie Richards from Rawhide Boys Ranch got in touch with me and I checked out what they’re doing in Wisconsin. They’re doing great work. Here’s what he had to share:

Social media cyberbullying has become a major issue for teens and children in America.

Two facts to consider:

  1. 72% of teens report being bullied in the last 12 months
  2. 25% the victim of repeat attacks.

Yet, despite it’s alarming prevalence, just 1 in 6 parents are aware their child is the victim of online bullying.

The reason?

Teens feel ashamed or are worried about how parents will react. Many don’t even want their parents involved.

This leads to other serious problems.

In fact, 41% of teens report feeling depressed and skip school to avoid online bullying turning into offline confrontation. As many as 3 million children skip school every month because of online bullying, the equivalent of the entire city of Chicago not showing up for work!

It’s a BIG problem.

But, how should parents and teens respond?

The team at Rawhide Boys Ranch has put together a great infographic that covers everything from prevalence and common types to warning signs and tips for parents to better cope with social media cyberbullying.

Social Media and Bullying

If you want more information, read the in-depth article here.

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