Interview with Michael Prince of Because Family – WHS 109

Homeschooling families face a challenge: preparing our children to live in a culture that defines itself in extremes. How can families prepare their children to face a world where casual sex and continuous connectedness are the norm?

Establishing Biblical culture in our homes gives our children a strong foundation to face the world when they get their first job or leave for college. Michael Prince and his wife Melinda of Because Family are missionaries to the American Church and speak to parents about the culture our children face and how parents can equip themselves and their children to live in a culture where “likes” and our personal information are traded as commodities.

Michael Prince of Because Family
Michael and Melinda Prince with their children.

Michael and Melinda were in youth ministry from 2006 until 2013 when they left church ministry to pursue God’s call to the families of the American Church. Now, working towards becoming U.S. Missionaries, the Princes hope to travel the U.S. helping refocus parents onto the responsibility God has placed on them to raise their kids to be Godly adults. “I did youth ministry for a long time and saw over and over again the impact THE HOME has on the students I was ministering to. If the home life isn’t solid, the battle churches fight for the souls of Children and Youth is an uphill one.” Michael says. His passion began with a podcast designed to equip parents with the knowledge of their teen’s culture and grew into a calling to take the message of Deuteronomy 11:18-19 to the nation.

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