Homeschool Wiring Diagram #1

Wiring Diagram #1Introducing The Wired Homeschool’s Wiring Diagram. This will be a weekly round-up of news, information, and interesting things I discovered on the Internet.

The focus will be on homeschooling, tech, gadgets, and generally geeky news.

Here’s the first round-up:

Someone tried to scam Richard Branson out of $5 million

Billboard Charts Will Put ‘Greater Emphasis’ on Paid Streaming Services Like Apple Music in 2018
Nick and Kelsey are The HandyDandDuo. They blog and podcast about their digital lifestyle.
How Windows Defender’s New Exploit Protection Works (and How to Configure It)
Smart Watches for Children Are Dangerous Garbage
Laptops could be banned from checked bags on planes due to fire risk

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