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Noah Tetzner – From Homeschooler to Full-Time Podcaster

About Noah Tetzner

Noah Tetzner is a homeschool graduate who enjoys sharing his passion for history with the world! He is the host of multiple historical podcasts that feature interviews with some of the world brightest scholars. Recently, he has launched a new podcast called Lessons from a Homeschooler where you can join him in learning about topics such as history, education, and literature from acclaimed speakers across the homeschooling world.

Make sure you have a listen to both of Noah’s podcasts: The History of Vikings and Lessons from a Homeschooler.

Check out the Great Connections Gap Year Program for high school graduates. Mention “Wired Homeschool” when you submit your application.

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The Great Connections Leap Year Gap Program Open to Homeschoolers

Are you concerned about wasting time and money jumping into college? Only 36% of students graduate in 4 years! More than 20 colleges, from Harvard to the University of Alabama, now recommend gap years to their accepted students.

Are you tired of other people telling you what to do with your future? Do you want to learn how to figure that out for yourself?

There are far more ways to succeed in life than most people realize.

The Great Connections Leap Year in Chicago is the nine-month gap year program that gives students 18-24 the life changing tools they need to make a better future for themselves.

  • Radically strengthen your reasoning powers and knowledge
  • Use great thinkers to find your own path
  • Work on real-world problems with the help of accomplished mentors
  • Make life-long friends

Learn how to live as a free person.

Applications must be received by July 8th to be considered for the 2019-2020 Leap Year Program scholarships. Please go to or call 773-677-6418 and mention “Wired Homeschool” to be considered.

Thanks to Marsha Familaro Enright, the Program Director, for reaching out and letting me know this program is available to homeschoolers.

5 Traits Your Child Can’t Learn from Textbooks or Online Curriculum – WHS 246

5 Traits Your Child Can't Learn from Textbooks or Online Curriculum

Our children can learn a lot of things from textbooks and online curriculum but there are some intangible things that cannot be learned through typical schooling.

Often, it’s intangible traits or characteristics in our children that determine whether or not the will succeed. This list is by no means exhaustive but it’s a good start when considering what we want to encourage in our children. Continue reading “5 Traits Your Child Can’t Learn from Textbooks or Online Curriculum – WHS 246”