5 Key Tips to Help College-Bound Homeschoolers Studying STEM Stay on Track

5 Key Tips to Help College-Bound Homeschoolers Studying STEM Stay on TrackScience, technology, engineering, and mathematics are intense subjects. It’s hard to be dedicated to classes that are so time-consuming and require high levels of research and an understanding of complex topics.

It’s incredibly difficult to stay motivated and see the light at the end of the tunnel when your school is so demanding, as it can all just be so hard.

College-bound homeschoolers can use the following tips to get a jump-start to stay motivated in their STEM studies when the piles of work seem insurmountable.

1. Build a Support Group

If you’re a STEM major, you simply have to accept that you’ll have fewer hours to socialize or play sports than students doing linguistics or sociology. You’ll also have totally different stress levels during exam time. It can be a little lonely if you’re always studying alone.

By making friends with people from your major you’ll have a great support group, friendly faces around the school, and people who are free at the same time as you which means you have people to hang out with too.

A lot of students use iStudiez which helps you check to see if your timetable is aligned with your friends’ and helps you find time to relax.

You can also have takeout delivered to your study groups or share supplies and split the costs with Venmo which makes being friends with your classmates stress-free and fun.

2. Keep Your Goals in Mind

Most people who start out studying STEM have some kind of motivation when they start. College-bound homeschoolers may want a Ph.D., a specific career or a placement with a certain scientific school or research program.

It’s easy to forget all about the benefits of a STEM major and focus on the challenges. Wunderlist is a great place to keep a record of all the things you love about your major. You can review it next time you doubt yourself.

3. Seek Out a Mentor

Finding someone within your major that you can rely on for support can prove to be essential when you’re stressed, anxious or doubting yourself.

When it comes to writing a paper there are plenty of places to find support. The forums at Paper Fellows or the editors, writers, and proofreaders at Do my assignment or Paper writing service can provide assistance.Seek Out a Mentor

4. Switch Off From Time to Time

Everyone needs a break. If you don’t switch off occasionally and go for a walk, hang out with friends, do some yoga, or play with a puppy you will burn out.

There’s no need to risk your mental and physical health for your studies when you can step away from technology and the people online who seem to have perfect lives.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you take some time off is to leave your phone at home and disable your broadband. When you start working again you can avoid the distractions of social media with Write Monkey, a stripped-down writing application. You can just write and be alone with your thoughts.

5. Use Online Tools to Make Life Easier

When you need to submit a lab report or a research paper there’s a lot of work that you need to do so don’t waste time with anything unnecessary. You can make sure that you’re meeting the requirements of your paper with Easy Word Count and save a bunch of time on references with Ref Me.

You can also let someone else do your proof-reading or editing after you’ve done your content and research with Custom Essay.

Getting a STEM degree is not going to be easy, however, if you’re a college-bound homeschooler you can follow the above tips to stay motivated and remain on top of your studies.

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3 Replies to “5 Key Tips to Help College-Bound Homeschoolers Studying STEM Stay on Track”

  1. great advice! Our 2 oldest sons (homeschool graduates) both graduated from University with engineering degrees. They learned to apply themselves, and pace themselves. It’s exciting to see our young people meet their goals and get a great start in life.

  2. I find the specific advice in Number 3 and 5 concerning. Aside from the fact that any decent word processing system (and many of the more advanced text editors like Notepad++, VIM and EMACS) includes its own wordcount system, making the word count app an extra step, especially for a STEM student that should be used to dealing with the applications, RefME was bought out and combined into Cite This For Me and is no longer available. Most concerning to me is are the links to essay writing sites. While the article suggests just using their proofreading and editing services (which may in itself be against the course rules), linking to three sites that offers to complete any assignment (ranging from answering timed multiple choice questions all the way up to doctoral dissertations) is morally dubious at best. Overall, the entire article reads like the author has a standard “how to stay on track” article and does little more than find and replace to make it match the major they are discussing, as aside from a couple of flavor paragraphs, there is nothing in the article that wouldn’t be just as applicable to non-STEM degrees.

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