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There’s been a lot of talk about the game Flappy Bird in the past week. After the creator of the game pulled it from the AppStore I got to thinking about how we are preparing our kids for success. I duscuss that and more in this week’s episode of the podcast.

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What's the deal with Flappy Bird?

Tech Tip

Windows XP is coming to its end of life on April 8, 2014. That means you’ll no longer receive security updates for the venerable operating system. Your antivirus software should continue to work but your computer will still be vulnerable to many security flaws. It’s hard to let go of something that’s still working. There’s only three options I think you have when it comes to Windows XP.

1. Replace the computer entirely.
2. Upgrade the OS.
3. Continue to use the computer but not on the Internet.

In my next episode I’ll expand on these options so if you have any questions or suggestion let me know in the comments below.

Homeschool Like Steve Jobs

The way Steve Jobs managed Apple can be applied to how we homeschool. Here are the four ways I think you need to consider if you want to homeschool like Steve Jobs.

1. Think different.
2. Simplify your life.
3. Anticipate needs.
4. Be a little crazy!

For my complete thoughts on read the article 4 Ways You Can Homeschool Like Steve Jobs

What’s the Deal with Flappy Bird?

Rounding out this episode I shared my thoughts on what we can do to prepare our kids for sudden success. It’s unlikely that our kids will find sudden success to the point where the public will recognize them but surely as homeschoolers there’s something we can do to prepare them. What do you think? Leave your comments below.


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Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Homeschool
Workshop at Faithful Heritage LEAH on April 14, 2014 at Eastport Bible Church in Eastport, NY at 7:30PM (via Skype). More details to come.

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