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Armor of God by Phil Elmore
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Imagine for a moment that you’d lost most of your vision and major motor functions. Then imagine what it would be like to be given a suit of armor that not only restored those abilities but enhanced them. It would be a miracle wouldn’t it? That’s the basis of the new book Armor of God by Phil Elmore based, in part, on the real life of Chris Carswell.

Armor of God Synopsis

Chris Carswell may be a boy-genius with his own suit of power rescue armor, but even the ability to fly on rocket boots can’t solve everything. From industrial accidents to a super villain named Resistor, Chris faces challenges large and small, all with his service dog, Bronx, by his side. Through it all, he is sustained not by his armor or his own courage, but by his unshakable faith in God.

About Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore is a freelance journalist, author, and technical writer who lives and works in Western New York State. He has contributed extensively to “Tactical Knives” magazine and is the Senior Editor of League Entertainment, an IP development company based in Florida. With League Entertainment, Elmore co-created the Duke Manfist parody action series. The publisher of “The Martialist,” the online magazine “for those who fight unfairly,” Phil Elmore is also the author of several Executioner, Mack Bolan, and Stony Man novels for Gold Eagle/Harlequin Enterprises. Phil Elmore’s author page on Amazon.

About 1Boy4Change

1Boy4Change‘s mission is to be an agent and catalyst of change – change in the way we see ourselves, our community, and our world – by “paying it forward”, raising awareness, and providing assistance and hope for individuals and families with disabilities; as well as by providing support for the dedicated individuals who protect us at home and abroad. Read about Chris Carswell’s amazing journey.

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